Storage in the Craftroom

I love having a room to sew and block and craft in.  Unfortunately, it’s the guestroom, which means a large chunk of the space is taken up by the queen size bed.  Even more unfortunately it doesn’t have a closet, or any storage of any kind, except for my thread cabinet and the little chest at the end of the bed.  Ouch!  The result has been milk crates, totes, rubber tubs and empty diaper boxes stacked everywhere and my cross stitch and fabric kept in trunks under the bed in the master bedroom, with my spinning stuff downstairs and rubber stamping is in the closet off the bathroom.  I know I probably have too many hobbies, but I enjoy being busy and creative.

Dresser Before

Found this at the thrift store.  I’ve been wanting to try a furniture makeover and keeping an eye out for a budget find with a bit of character.  This cream and gold monstrosity was just the thing.  I love the milk paint style, but don’t want to invest the $$$ as it seems I would need two special brushes, 2 special waxes and then some paint that goes for $40 a quart and I would need to either drive about 6 hours or I would need to pay shipping for all of that.  I ended up using basic interior paint in a flat finish.  I can still wipe it down, but it isn’t shiny.

Primed Drawers primed dresser

Step One-Prime it and it already looks better.

 A little too Barbie's Dreamhouse

It’s hard not to paint things neutral or green or blue.  I really like blue.  So This was going to be a three color green, purple, pink, but it was a bit to Barbie’s Dream House for me.

Dresser WIP with Drawers

So, I switched to just the mint and pink.  (I’m painting in my marvelous painting studio, a.k.a, the front porch, which is far less dusty and animal rich than the barn.)  This is also were I painted this front door.

Blue Door

Finished Dresser closed

Strawberry Shortcake here we come.

Finished Dresser open

I also painted the sides interior and sides of the drawers as I love the look.  The rest of the room is full of piles of stuff, but this corner looks great. 🙂 My fabric now lives in here, (I’m trying to keep it limited).

Dresser BeforeDresser Front

Before and After

Sorry about the lighting and close up, I didn’t get a finished front photo before I put everything back.  Also the knobs will (hopefully) get redone too, I just needed to get things back together in the craft room and couldn’t wait to put my new storage to use and they are too complex to paint easily with a brush and I still sort of want them to be green, but can’t find the right spray paint.  I’m considering, brushed chrome or black.

Next up in the Paint Studio:

File Before

A yard sale find, which is already pink.  Should it be more pink?

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