What Have I Been Up To?

Clearly Whatever I have been up to, it hasn’t been posting here.  If you’re reading this I’m glad you haven’t given up on me entirely. 

I’ve actually been making lots of clothes.  I think I posted my Blue Mendocino Sun Dress.  Well there have been 3 more dresses, 4 shirts, 2 reversible skirts, a couple of baby/toddler skirts, a harvest apron and a skirt I designed myself since then, as well as, a cowl, a shrug and a scarf in progress from the crocheting department and I still have another skirt in progress.  I even made currant jelly.  And of course there has been homework and socializing.  It has been a great couple of months for the latter. 

I am sorely behind in the pictures department, but I do have pictures of some of these and will try to take some of the others over the weekend.  As a bonus I will be posting a tutorial on the skirt I designed sometime soon.  (I have to make another so that I can take photos as I didn’t take any while I was making it.)  It is a really simple skirt from 1 yard of fabric and some 1/2″ elastic, which sews up very quickly. The tutorial can be used to make any size and includes instructions for in seam pockets.  I just love a skirt with pockets.

For now just a teaser picture:


And a picture of the scarf in progress-the colors look better in person.



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