The Promise of Warmer Weather

Winter has seemed very long this year with hail and snow following us into April, however, it seems that spring is supposed to be here this week. While I’ve been working on quilts and baby dresses, I’ve also wanted to make a few things to replace the pre-baby wardrobe that I’ve finally given up for lost.  Instead of camping with my husband this weekend for his birthday (He got sick.).  I made a sun dress.  I adore smocking and it seems like a pain in the tush to do it well.   Fake smocking, which I’ve heard callled shearing, that is done with elastic thread makes me pretty happy too.  Unfortunately, presheared fabrics don’t have the width of shearing that I need.  Having recently learned how to sew with elastic thread and having found an awesome FREE sundress pattern online I have been looking forward to Spring. I loved it and then I found out it had deep functional pockets on the seam and began to worry that people would think I never change clothes, because I wouldn’t wear anything else.

Heather Ross, who designs fabrics for Spoonflower in addition to designing clothes (She demo-ed the bloomer pattern  I use to go with the baby dresses I’ve been making on Martha Stewart.), has a site where you can download the pattern and instructions for her Mendocino Sundress.

It’s a bit late to rope my sick hubby into playing photographer so a picture will have to wait until tomorrow.  For now a bloomer picture.


Update:  A few notes on this pattern.  About 3/4 of your time will be spent shearing.  I chose to make 3 inch straps and fit them to cover my bra straps as I find the dress far more comfortable with than without.  I may make the next dress shorter by about a foot so that it falls above my knees.

Mendocino Dress

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