Favorite Designers Series-Urban Threads

Urban Threads, a small group of designers, offers embroidery designs for machine or hand embroidery.  What makes Urban Threads special is a sense of whimsy that creates designs which take us far from the standard teddybears and bows that we often see in embroidery.  From a celestial quilt featuring embroidered constellations, which was created in the UT Lab and featured on their blog to Steam Punk Gears and Skull and Roses UT offers a wide variety of patterns.  From nature to nerdy I am enamored of the patterns offered, such as Lofty Nature 


They also have patterns my little boy won’t be ashamed to wear when he’s 6.  Last week I adapted the Too Cute Dragon Pattern to Mending O’s jeans.

Easter Birthday 2013-03-30 031 Dragon Mending 2013-03-29 002

I’m looking forward to adapting some more such as UT’s Polo Creatures a mini patterns of a unicorn, a dragon, a robot, a zombie, and a T-Rex designed after the well known, bear, alligator, golfer etc. that we often see decorating the breast of polo shirts and am planning on using the Doodle Tree Pattern to decorate my colonial pocket.

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4 Responses to Favorite Designers Series-Urban Threads

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  4. Beautiful designs. I especially like the bird.

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