In the Works

I’ve been pretty busy lately with holidays and birthdays with still another birthday coming up, but I also got the chance to take a quilting class and learn how to use the Lemoyne Star Ruler.  I didn’t want a quilt to hang on the wall and I didn’t love the pattern that we were supposed to learn so I wasn’t at all upset when we didn’t get past learning to use the ruler and make a couple of different size stars.  (The class fell short in other ways too, but I did learn something and I get to play with fabric). I brought my materials home and happily made stars using all of the the strips I had cut.  I ended up with 5-9″ stars, 6-6″ stars and 9-4″ stars.  I am really just a beginning quilter having made 2 log cabin quilts and (just recently) a quilt made up of 5″ blocks, which should probably have a picture on this blog somewhere, though I don’t think it does yet.  That being as it is, I do sew and math doesn’t scare me so I got out my graph paper and made a bunch of decisions.  I wanted sashing. I wanted the blocks to be the same size.  I didn’t want to add stars in other colors (though I had fabric that would have worked).  I figured out that the best way to make my stars all 9″  blocks would be to use either sashing or setting triangles or as it turns out both.  The finished size wasn’t overly important as I’d originally planned to extend the wall hanging by another pair of stars turning it into a toddler blanket for snuggling up with, since my little guy is always trying to lug around blankets that are too big for him to move and has taken to eschewing his crib quilt as just too small though it still covers him.  Being as fond of blankets as I am, I understand and wanted to make him a new quilt, also I’ve wanted to make several quilts and this would teach me a new technique fill in my blue quilt hole and give O a new blanket.  Unfortunately, while math isn’t scary I did think I could make the setting triangles for the 6″ conversion to 9″ smaller than I could so I need to get another 12″ of fabric to for the final setting triangles for 6 of the 4″ stars.  There are 2 more 6″ done and sashed, but I didn’t have them sashed when I took this.

Partial Blue LS Quilt

Lemoyne Star Quilt so far.  This is actually rows, 1,2,4,5, from top to bottom.

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