In the Sewing Room

I’ve been spending a fair amount of freetime (mornings from 4am-7am when I can’t sleep) and parts of naptime in the sewing room.  The adorable dresses on Pinterest for baby girls drew my attention and as you may know from previous posts I know a number of little girls age 3 and under so I’ve been indulging in making them dresses.   This sewing frenzy has also been brought on by my urge to make another quilt (or apparently 3).

In winter when its cold I like to hibernate.  I love to curl up under a pile of blankets and read, sleep, watch a movie whatever.  I don’t often get to do those things these days, but blankets just make me feel good and most winters I will crochet one or quilt one.  I didn’t get to it the last couple of years, but I signed up for a quilt class at the local quilting shop, which recently reopened under new management.  I’m going to make a lemoyne star quilt for my son in shades of blue.  I’ve been wanting to make a blue quilt, and a green one, and a red/white one and a flannel one-That last inspired by the extreme cuddliness of the flannel quilt we have that was made by my husband’s grandmother.

When I went into the  quilt shop I feel in love with the quilt they have on central display in the cutting room.  It’s simple in 5″ squares, super colorful 4 shades of green, 4 red/pink, 2 blue a purple, brown, yellow and probably some things I left out.  It was also flannel with a simple willow pattern.  I love leaf patterns, I love small subtle patterns.  I wanted that quilt.  Unfortunately, the many of the flannels were out of stock and being discontinued by the manufacturer.  There were however, 4 shades of green.  Green quilt? Flannel quilt?  Check.  That’s two things I’d been wanting to do.  So, in addition to the range of blues for my lemoyne star quilt (pictures to be added, hopefully) I picked up materials for a 60″ square quilt in green flannel will pattern, which has already been completed save for the 12th row out of 12 which required me to go back to the shop since I cut the flannel at 5″ rather than 5.5″ for one strip (URG!).  The good news is that I found that the willow pattern was also available in cotton, which will be more suitable to the upcoming summer season than flannel and in so many more colors.  I am a little afraid of entering the shop next week for the class since I keep walking out with another quilt to be, but a new quilt for each family member is nice.

No quilt pictures yet, but here are pictures of the dresses I’ve made so far.  These are all variations on the same pattern and some will be receiving a few final touches ribbon or pockets or what not.

batik with jelly bean sleeves Blue Dress Floral sleeves butterfly Cream Floral Dress blue strip Jelly bean with batik sleeves Lavender Dress

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