Sew a Rainbow-Lined Tiered Peasant Dress Tutorial

Rainbow Dress Final for Tutorial

This dress was inspired by a pair of dresses I saw on Etsy and Zulily.  They really didn’t have much in common.  One I loved for its rainbow hues and delightfully twirlable skirt, the other for its peasant neckline and puffy sleeves.   After a short unsuccessful Pinterest hunt during which I found many lovely dresses (none of which will be of use for my little boy. Thankfully I have a half dozen nieces and “nieces” for whom I get to make frilly girly things.), but nothing that combined the features I wanted.  So I created my own Tiered Peasant Dress. This is my first sewing tutorial.  If it goes well there may be many to follow.

Before we get started I’d like to thank Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom for the great Peasant Dress Tutorial and Free Pattern, which I adapted for this dress.

Get the tutorial PDF here:


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