The Gnome Army

Here’s the rest of the Army I posted about here. Well most of it.  I’ve a couple more to finish and add.

blue gnome Brown Gnome Green Gnome Red Hat green gnome Grey Gnome Hot Pink Gnome Pattern Gnome Pink Flower Gnome Pink Gnome (2) Blue Snow Gnome2013-02-03 001 2013-02-03 0032013-02-03 001 2013-02-03 002

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3 Responses to The Gnome Army

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  2. they’re very cute

    is thier military capacity purely defensive or are they planning a campaign agaisnt the goblins?

    • Logan Mack says:

      Thanks. I’ve been having a lot of fun making them. I’m doing the embroidery on what may be the final 2 today.
      I haven’t been privy to their military plans, but they have been deployed throughout the region and have sent scouts to Germany.

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