A few holiday projects

Oren's Felt Tree 2012-12-23 001office fudge & ornaments 2012-12-04 003Gnomes 2012-12-11 010  These are just a few of the holiday projects that I have been working on.  The felt tree has ornaments that Oren can take off and put back on. They aren’t very fancy this year as the tree itself took longer than expected.   One piece of advice use only maleable felt.  I used some stiff felt that I had left over from backing the ornaments for the presents and star and can’t roll the tree for storage. The cross-stitched ornaments pictured above are part of a set I did for Andy’s co-workers and the gnomes based on this awesome pattern  by Aimee Ray are about half  of those I stitched as gifts for little people this year.   I made two other gifts, but I don’t know if I ever took pictures of Olivia’s birth sampler or of the shawl I did for Kathy.   Apart from those I’ve been designing a crocheted shawl and having a difficult time with one part and working on a small santa claus cross stitch.  I’m way behind on anything computer related, but have started to work on playing catch up (and have finished with October) so there will be pictures of more things to come, including of the stoll I made last week from my white and shimmery Mohair Glitz from Mohair in Motion that was an early holiday gift that I got to pick out at Hemlock Fiber Festival.  I am now reminded that I also made a scarf, which is awaiting blocking.   So off to do some more computer catch up so that I can then work on house cleaning tomorrow and hopefully get back into the craft room to play catch up sometime this month.

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