Projects in Green Part 1


I have mixed feelings about St. Patrick, but I’ve always enjoyed celebrating being Irish-so I’ve taken a break from 2 of my big projects to do some quick projects.  This clover wreath one was inspired by Pinterest.

Clover Wreath


1-12″ white wreath form

green gardening tape (florists tape, electrical tape or duct tape in green would work too)

3- 9″x 12″ sheets of felt  ( I chose 3 different greens)




index card

thread (use a sturdy thread as you will be pulling on it a lot, color does matter)

sharp sewing needle


First you will need clovers:

This link will take you to the blog with clover making instructions.

I created a template on a 2″x 2″ piece of index card.  At this size each sheet of felt yielded 5 clovers.  I decided to only use 3 of the lightest green.  (18 total)

For faster clovers:

I found that folding the felt in half along it’s length so that it is just as long but half as wide and cutting it, then repeating with each half made 4 strips that were about the right size.  Then I line up my template with a straight edge along the shortest end of one strip and draw the outline on the felt.  Move the pattern along the strip drawing clover leaves, 5 per strip, which share side lines.  Now that you have one strip outlined, you can pile up a sheets worth, keeping the edges carefully in line.  Cut straight lines along the shared edges of the pattern, through all four layers .  This will give you 20-2″ squares with the top 5 having the pattern for the leaf edges already drawn on.  I chose to draw the pattern on each square and cut the leave edge from those to help keep the edges clean and the leaves the same size.  Sew as shown.

The wreath:

Because the tape I used to cover the wreath isn’t sticky I used a pin to hold it when I started and two to hold the end helping to keep it flat.

A Covered Clover Wreath Form

Then I placed clovers, pinning 2 leaves in the center indent with a pin.

Single Clover Wreath


A little white glue might hold them better if they seem to fall out.  Just dip the pins in it before pinning.  I don’t anticipate this wreath seeing that much wear and tear so I didn’t bother with the glue.  From start to finish this might have taken 2 hours, but I was figuring it out as I went.  I think I could probably complete another in 1 hour.


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  1. MOM says:

    I would love one then.

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