Discovering Subtlety

I’ve been working on a Dimensions design called Woodland Enchantress.  The design is comprised of whole and half crosses suppletmented by french knots and some other accent stitches.  Depth is created by using half crosses to create the background and full crosses to bring the enchantress to the foreground.  I’ve finished most of the dress.    That is I’ve done all but the top stitching on the overdress and am working on the last of the colors of the underdress, which is essentially white.  That white is made up of several shades of blue, a cream and actual white, which is the color I’m working on now.  All of the crosses in the dress have been two strands, which is the standard.  The white is listed as three strands and I assumed that it was a mistake as the lines look too heavy on the 18 count fabric, but as I stitched I realized that the designer was actually adding another level of depth to the skirt, by using the extra thread to emphasize the folds of the skirt similar to the way an artist would use darker colors for areas further back and lighter colors in the foreground, but also vary the degree of coverage, with less in the front and more in the back, only the three dimensional nature of fabric works in the opposite way.   Subtle details like this are part of what fascinates me about stitching.   Just getting to see what can be done with a piece of string.

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