Slow Down

Well it looks like updating roughly once a month is about what might be called for anymore.  I just don’t have the time to stitch or to play online to allow for more. Even though it has already snowed I am going to celebrate fall as it’s still my favorite season.  I have finished stitching O’s Nunavut Santa ornament and have decided not to try to finish the second project for him for Yule.  Too many other priorities for this time of year.  Instead I am back to finishing up some old projects as time permits.  I’m finally posting an updated photo of the wreath table cloth kit that I got when I was last in Germany.  The black “stain” is from tea getting spilled on it when folks were visiting.  It’s not a big deal as it is just the pattern ink, which washes out when you are finished stitching.  Luckily for me when it got wet I had already stitched that part.

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