Favorite Designers Series-Elizabeth Foster

The first time I heard music by Loreena McKennitt I had to ask who it was and I found myself collecting as many of her CD’s as I could get my hands on.  Later it was The Stranglers.  These two music styles (folk/celtic/instrumental and British Punk) have little in common, but I still love them both.  Each takes me to a different place and creates a different mood and even within each there are varying moods.

As a member of ANG and EGA.  I encounter numerous designers and I sometimes find I am drawn to the designs of one again and again. As you become more familiar with designers you can pick out their work.  Just as Loreena McKennitt has one of the most distinct sounds within the celtic genre some designers seem to develop styles that are more distinct than others.  You never think this is like a design by…  It is always something a little apart.

I’ve decided to do a short series presenting some of my favorite designers because I think that their work is distinctive.  The first in this series is Elizabeth Foster of Elizabeth’s Designs.   She designs for both cross-stitch and needlepoint.  As I am less familiar with her cross-stitch designs I will concentrate on her needlepoint designs here. Her designs which often are nature or garden oriented, feature some signature stitches and a pallate of muted colors.  She employs her signature stitches in a variety of ways keeping them fresh and combining them with a variety of other stitches to create designs that compliment one another without becoming repetitive.  Her use of a variety of stitches helps keep her projects entertaining throughout the stitching process with the signature stitches providing a feeling of assurance while you explore the other stitches required for her projects allowing you to broaden your stitching repetoire.  Below is a gallery of just a few of her designs.

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