Projects Old and New

With my son turning 9 months in December I feel he’ll really be able to enjoy Solstice so I have been concentrating on winter projects, which has been a fun change for me as I usually love fall projects.

First, I finally made it to the framer and picked up the QCB.  This is a big event as you may remember it was the project which started this blog a year ago (Aug 31, 2010 to be exact).  My purpose in creating this blog was to create a forum in which to share my work with people I care about and also to create a record of my progress to help encourage me to finish this particular large project.  Too often I have heard my fellow stitchers complain that they give everything away and I myself also find that I forget just how many things I have made.    I think this has been a success more in providing encouragement than in sharing-I just don’t update often enough (and it is  a bit like watching paint dry anyway).

So for anyone just stopping by and for those of you keeping track-I’m very pleased with how it turned out (see photo below).

I also started the two mill hill arctic santa ornaments I got at the same time.  The first is Greenland Santa, which shows Santa with a sheep I’ve done all the stitching and beading for that the second is Nunavut Santa and I’m just starting the stitching on that.  I plan to do the finishing work on these (braided cord and felt backing) along with that of any other ornaments I manage to complete before the holiday season all at once.

I’m curious are there any holiday projects you have always wanted to see done-a table cloth, tree skirt, banner, a specific pattern or image (amish, birds)…?

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One Response to Projects Old and New

  1. Logan Mack says:

    My Mom, whose hobby is miniatures, sent me the following link of projects.

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