So Close: Another QCB Update

Well the end is definitely in sight.  I expect I should finish this in the next week or two.  If I don’t have it done by then I will definitely finish it while Andy is home recovering from surgery.

Next up will be doing some more work on Woodland Enchantress and completing  my third design in the color delights series.  This one is Shamrock.  I’ve already completed Cobalt and Sunshine, which are at the framers.  I’ll post photos when they come back.  I am thinking of hanging them in the livingroom to give Oren more to look at, when he’s hanging out.  I’d like to do one more in the series and have considered Scarlet, Violet and Pumpkin, but am not yet sold.  Now I’m off to join the boys for a walk and some yardwork done.

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