There’s Nothing Like a Hot Glue Gun…

…At least not if you want to make the phone ring.  I managed to take just a little skin off of my thumn knuckle while making a twig wreath.  I decided to make it a little more like a rising sun half wreath, because the twigs are pretty heavy when they are all together and also so that it wouldn’t take up as much room on the wall.  I think it would have been over-whelming otherwise.  Once it is finished drying and I have removed all of the gluestrings I’ll take a picture to post. 

Next project:  Stick Mobile with Origami Cranes.  I’ve already made some cranes and have some sticks collected.  I will use the dremel to drill any necessary holes in the sticks and fishing wire to hang the cranes and more sticks.  I’m hoping this will give the impression that the cranes are flying.  The model I saw (picture below) uses some beads to add decoration to the mobile, but I think that they would pose a choking hazard if any got loose.  I do like the idea of dressing it up a bit though.  Any ideas?

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