The Perfect Thing

I just found the perfect thing for a baby sampler.  I don’t really like the idea of spending a lot of time working on something that will be too babyish to be hung up for long and have been debating what to do for Blueberry.  I do have a Peter Rabbit Sampler which is cute,but it falls into all of the categories above, however, I was at Banu Demirel’s (SebaDesigns) site and found a SAL that she had designed that would be perfect.  I think the blackwork will lend itself well to aging and can be adapted to create distinct baby samplers for future children simply by changing the colors.  The name, date, etc.  can be inserted above and below the design with the design providing seperation markers.  Blackwork also goes fairly quickly which I’m hoping means this won’t be a stressful project to complete before Blueberry comes.  I’ve ordered supplies and will post something once there is something to see.   In the meantime, if you are curious you can visit the Banu’s site and look at the SAL gallery to see what others have done with this pattern.  I do recommend it she’s a great designer and a really nice person too.  I’m very excited about starting this new project so you may not see much progress on the bellpull for a while, though I’m going to try to finish up Christmas Joy and the Bucilla santa before I start it.

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