Old and New

A surprising thing about the quilting class that I am taking is that it doesn’t actually teach quilting.  It teaches piece work and then recommends that you have the quilt professionally quilted.  I would have liked to learn how to draw the patterns on and such.  I have learned a lot about how to make a quilt though and don’t really mind having someone else do the quilting on this one so that it will be done before the holidays.   I have a smaller table runner, which I’ve already cut strips for that I will try quilting myself (as soon as I find something online that tells me how to space and layout the quilting designs).   Below are  2 pictures of the completed quilt top  (I chose to do Fields and Furrows rather than All 7’s), which will be sent with its other components to be quilted and returned to me in November for binding.

The last picture is a ribbon embroidery that will be my name tag for EGA.  This is only the second project I’ve done that has any ribbon embroidery.  I’m still deciding how best to finish it.  I think I like the idea of it being round and will probably give it a neck strap rather than a pin, but I’m not sure yet.

I’ve been working on the table cloth as well and it is about 2/3 done.  Most importantly I finally got around to tearing out all of the bits that needed to be taken out to fix the Quaker Christmas Bellpull yesterday and I will soon be starting to make progress on that again.

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