Knowing When to Give In


I did a lot of stitching and restitching this week and found some mistakes and generally got very frustrated such that this began to feel like work so while I did make some progress on the Quaker Christmas Bellpull I also decided that I’m not going to aim to have it done for this holiday season.  I might still get it done, but I might not.  I will continue working on it, but I have so many other projects that I want to work on too.  I did a little work on the autumn wreath tablecloth, but not enough that it needs a picture.  What I did do was start another holiday project.  A needlepoint Santa Claus.  I started this Friday or Saturday and have come a long way.  I’ve also got some quilting and knitting to do, but those are still in the prep stages.

  This is what the new project I have started should look like when I’ve finished it.

And finally pictures of where my projects are at now.

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